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tv   Headline News  RT  October 2, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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for. the u.s. government shutdown begins today with hundreds of millions of dollars trickling away each day of the stalemate while washington's lawmakers showed no sign of finding a quick resolution. russian investigators charged fourteen greenpeace protesters with piracy after their attempt to board an oil platform as part of an anti drilling campaign in the arctic. a senior members of greece's far right party are released pending trial remain in custody following the killing of an antique fascist rapper last month top story.
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live from studio center here in moscow where it's just turned nine pm this is. washington struggle to govern itself has already cost the american economy hundreds of millions of dollars on the first day of the government shutdown and things unlikely to get even more expensive with neither republican nor democrat lawmakers willing to back down from their stance on barack obama's signature health care bill . the latest now from washington d.c. . lawmakers here are pretty open about saying they have no clue how they're going to resolve this government shutdown the sticking point remains obamacare as you said with house republicans saying they'll only fund the government and reopen it if president obama's signature health is defunded or delayed senate democrats are saying no way that's going to happen now yesterday and today there were attempts on capitol hill to provide partial funding the government just partially funded veterans administration and to fund the park service is but those aren't going
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anywhere as other lawmakers say they will take full funding of the full government and nothing less despite the government now being shut down those lawmakers who want to defund obamacare still could not have leverage because in a few weeks the united states hits its debt limit deadline and there to these lawmakers are saying the only raise the debt limit if obamacare is deal a war or defunded and the president has said it repeatedly that he won't negotiate over this and if the government is shut down for another few weeks until the development we're looking at tens of million dollars in economic consequences one of the agencies affected by the shutdown is the national institutes of health and it announced today that they can no longer add any new patients to its lifesaving cancer clinical trials there about two hundred cancer patients including thirty children were expected to be added to these clinical trials this week they now won't be and any new patients won't be added in the coming weeks as this shutdown
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continues so also the food stamp program it's not just children with cancer were affected it's impoverished children to the food stamp program is shut down many impoverished families and children will be receiving the sort of food benefits they need in this is sort of a common theme that working class people in impoverished people are being most affected by this government shutdown we're also hearing that. f.d.a. food inspectors have been furloughed many as many as eighty three plants. every single day are going without unnecessary inspections we have immigration courts closed around the country and we have the eight hundred thousand federal employees who've been furloughed now for the second day we're going to be cutting back their spending businesses are going to be hit by that we're looking at a cost of three hundred million dollars a day and if the shutdown lasts two to three weeks it could shave a full point and a half projected economic growth in the fourth quarter for the united states so really pressure is building on lawmakers to do something and do something quickly
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but those who have a vehicle with obamacare just don't want to drop a grudge just yet. the u.s. government shutdown sparked by a disagreement on capitol hill that's been brewing for years is alarming those across the world relying on america's economic and political leadership the european central bank president mario draghi said there is a risk to recovery for both the u.s. and the world echoing the concerns of britain's prime minister and headlines around the globe went along similar lines for example the french data figaro's said that the shutdown is a blow to the credibility of the u.s. in germany speaking online called america a superpower paralyzing itself one of china's major news portals pointed out the bickering u.s. lawmakers holding that country on stage and the australian thinks washington's not inspiring confidence in the world's largest economy max fraud wolfie's an economist he says washington is so caught up in its internal squabbles it doesn't see the
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damage being done. the truth here is what the federal government the united states congress and the white house have exhibited rather aggressively over the last several weeks including through the shutdown is that there's literally nothing the u.s. government can't and won't do for unclear reasons sending whatever shock waves they feel like sending into the u.s. and global economies i can't imagine a recipe that would undermine confidence in the dollar and the u.s. or particularly the u.s. government faster or more effectively than what we see on every news channel in the world every day for a week and counting we're already starting to see hundreds of thousands of people get an involuntary unpaid vacation those hundreds of thousands of people are going out to dinner they're not going to the dry cleaner without buying a new car are going to have trouble making house payments are going to have trouble making mortgage payments and rents and all the rest and we know the money they didn't get today and tomorrow on the next day is money that they're not spending now and if they get paid later it will still be damaging to the economy well that
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am i could get a shot of a spectacle of how from the u.s. national libertarian party who explained what she thinks the government can do to fix the situation without hurting the public. american people very much want the federal government to cut its reckless overspending and this is where they're not listening to the american people people want less government lower taxes lower government spending and this will create private sector jobs which is probably the number one issue here to americans and american voters in particular if they're listening really listening they are going to slow down the government more and cut spending more and stop these tricks where they close the tourist destinations and other things that they are making tremendous theater out of rather than getting to the real waste in government that is marbled throughout government spending they can certainly cut military spending they can cut entitlements programs but rather than starting with the people who are most in need and now dependent on government
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there's many many areas they can cut that don't affect poor folks or people in need at all for starters government pensions and government perks which are enormous and typically double what people get in the private sector how will this whole thing affect america's reputation as the was leading economic power well depends on who you talk to other politicians in the world may buy into this theater because they want to keep their budgets high in their countries as well but people around the world don't want big government they want peace they want small government they want to be left alone to live their lives as long as they're not harming anyone else this is a leadership that the american lawmakers can choose to demonstrate to the world and we need to urge them to do that well let's talk all about this with the inimitable mexico is the host of all these financial show the reporter joining me live in london max there's a lot of hype and some would say overreaction or all of this but the telltale saw
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in chile is the markets they haven't reacted negatively so is that really a crisis here. well bill i think we should take the words of warren buffett to heart he recently described the federal reserve bank and the american economy as one giant hedge fund and he's absolutely correct the way that wall street washington and these large funds approach america is as a trade that is backed by one hundred twenty or one hundred thirty trillion dollars worth of debt and all that debt is traded every single day and the whole initiative here is why hedge funds work to try to squeak out profits and they don't really care who they hurt in the process remember america is run by what i call love is financial if you hottest who are basically suicide bankers and warren buffett of course is one of these suicide bankers in america from the outside of course looks like they're trying to commit financial suicide but that's what a that's what
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a financial geodes does or a suicide banker they blow themselves up for their cause in this case its market fundamentalism a belief in the profit not the profit but the lines the other the economy improving of there as well max so all we to believe that the economic indicators all suggest in the u.s. economy is on the yelp. well you look at a deal recently between car like on an apple computer it's a story of two different economies because while most americans deal day to day hand to mouth paycheck to paycheck then you have the other economy which is the wall street economy the financial the hottest economy well carl icahn can tweet about getting apple computer to buy back one hundred fifty billion dollars worth of their own stock of course that's finance with zero percent interest rates and if they make a mistake they get bailed out just like long term capital management was bailed out remember that the late ninety's early two thousand long term capital management ran into trouble alan greenspan the fed chairman sometimes bailed them out he lowered
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interest rates to bail out a hedge fund what happened here bill this is the out of those two outcomes either a the federal reserve bank will increase our monthly buyback of bonds from eighty five billion a month to one hundred twenty or one hundred thirty billion dollars a month or america defaults on its sovereign debt like it did in one nine hundred seventy one when they closed the gold window those are the two outcomes so what we see here is jockeying between these two powerful sources in washington congress in the senate by the way they all own stocks they were insider trading is legal they're all trading on this information they're on their little phones and they're trading stocks up and down and making money at the expense of the american people because they are financial terrorists as well so short of capture the american economy i mean that's plain and simple a lot of it until then america is just one giant hedge fund ok but max then that issue then of that that city you're talking about perhaps the country defaulting the debt ceiling issue basically then that will be resolved and they will raise the debt ceiling will lay or will they not because obama is clearly very worried about
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that and they're arguing about boma health care what could happen with that crisis . bell the smart money would be short stock market right now and then when they raise the debt ceiling and print one hundred twenty billion one hundred thirty billion a month brand of quantitative easing up in other huge rally ok that's the insider scoop i'm telling you how to make money on this on this fa├žade this kabuki theater that has become america america's the most watched soap opera in the world right now it's a huge hedge fund we've got c. and b. c. covering it like some episode from breaking bad the popular show about methamphetamine on cable t.v. and ben bernanke and barack obama you can just imagine them in the back room cooking up some meth and selling it on the street to finance their habit which is defense spending torture extraordinary rendition bombing people over seas droning people that cost a lot of money bell and the only way they can finance that is by treating the entire economy like a hedge fund where they just extract well second by second manipulating markets
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trying to get inside information j.p. morgan lloyd blankfein h.s.b.c. barclays inside trading market manipulation they've been caught at it time and time again literally for mexican drug cartels in the case may just be see over and over again bill this is a drug insider trading market manipulation a warm buffet that's all that's left of the right your great way to plot lines here so how is this episode get away and then this particular episode with the federal government shutdown is that going to be resolved soon could it dry go for three weeks what we've seen in the past just briefly. a lot of people will get hurt but the people in washington consider the american public to be expendable they don't need the american public they don't need their taxes they don't need them working because when they need money they just print it it's like saudi arabia and america or saudi arabia when they need money they just pump more oil they don't need the population that's why they live in destitute that's why there's so much poverty in saudi arabia same thing in america there's a huge amount of poverty because that top princes class in america when they need some cash they just get ben bernanke you to print it it's saudi arabia it's called
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the new american dream it's called the saudi saudi arabian dream has come to america telling it as it is mexico as always great to talk to you live here naughty in london thanks max thanks pal when of course we all following the developments on capitol hill you can head to our website well online team is constantly bringing you the latest updates on america's federal shutdown that is waiting for you but don't come. much more government must now shut down until congress funds are given. the news continues here in l a t of to the break stay with us if you can.
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he continues here naughty russian investigators a fall formal charges against those who took part in a greenpeace protest in which they stormed an oil drilling platform in the arctic last month so fall of the group of being charged with piracy which could land them in prison for over a decade what are you going to spin off as the details. the investigative committee has begun pressing official charges and the activists are being accused of piracy if found guilty they could be looking at up to fifteen years behind bars and authorities say that their actions didn't only threaten the lives of the oil rig staff but the environment as well greenpeace denies all the accusations claiming that it was a peaceful protest and just remind you on the eighteenth of september a group of executives tried climbing onto an oil rig in the north of russia they were arrested by the federal security service and then all thirty were taken to the northern city of would one square most of them are right now their arrest was
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prolonged for two months spending an investigation we've heard earlier from president putin who said he didn't view activist us pirates but he did say that they have violated the law and it's not the first time that this particular will form is targeted by greenpeace in august two thousand and twelve another group of its activist actually didn't manage to dock to the oil rig but back then they criticize it for a lack of security saying that it could potentially become a target for terrorists and now a lot of people are also raising the question of why did they decide to target this particular order rick for the second time since clearly it's not in operation while there are others in the same region belonging to other countries which are in operation and finally from the technical points of view this particular wall rig is stationary which is in general considered to be a much safer technology compared to other similar sea platforms obviously this this
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discussion this court process is going to continue and of course we will be monitoring how it develops further. well greenpeace is keeping up the campaign. charged in germany's capital but in a group of activists chained themselves to a petrol station and owing to russia's energy john gas promenade once again held up the slogan save the arctic and called on russia to free the campaign this. the leader of greece's far right golden dawn party is in court to face charges of criminal activity and three senior members of the group are being released pending a future trial linked to the murder of a left wing activist and rapper ortiz under former is in athens. well the crackdown against golden dawn continues pay scimitar heavy police presence and pasting a party have appeared in court here in athens charged of being part of
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a criminal organization and that followed police making a direct link between the party and the death of an anti fascist rapper and while that action did quell a wave of public on the rest following that death it has also produced a backlash from golden dawn and also from their supporters one of whom spoke to r.t. anonymously. to show my support for the golden dawn. it's unfair of the government to have all these charges and it will backfire we demand because at the moment we don't have the golden dawn will continue and it will remain strong parties the ideology not its people well you have to remember that despite all these events golden dawn still remains the biggest political party increase it has eighteen elected m.p.'s and getting rid of them will not be easy it is against the law to ban any political party here in greece and even if you did put the politicians in jail they would still remain pays what's more golden dawn is
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now threatening to remove all of its politicians from parliament and that would trigger by elections and perhaps destabilize an already fragile coalition and in turn could jeopardize greece's chances of securing more european bailout money but the country already waiting to hear if it will receive the latest tranche of e.u. i.m.f. money worth one billion euros andrey farmer from athens. when we return to one of our top stories here on r.t. russian investigators are charging fourteen greenpeace activists with piracy after they attempted to board an oil platform in the arctic well let's now talk to author and ecologist bjorn joins me now from new york. by all accounts this oil rig wasn't even operational and still isn't operational what were the activists trying to achieve by boarding it. well i think what greenpeace really does is they
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try to get attention to big problems by making very visible statements and in some ways we should be thankful that they're there to certainly point out that there are issues and they have legitimate concerns about making arguments and making for him since well drilling in the arctic but i think what we need to also realize is greenpeace is just one of the many people and organizations that we should listen to so you know i think it's great they're there but they're certainly not the only source of information that we should go for all right many people applaud as you do what their aims are but on this account they're accused of putting people and indeed the environment at risk and they've been accused of breaking international law so they've crossed the line haven't they do deserve to be held accountable. well i've got to say i don't know and i'm not sure anyone really know exactly what's gone on and i think that's what we'll have to wait for the court case to.
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explain and it's very clear that we need to be honest about saying protests should be allowed but you should obviously also have respect for what it is that you're trying to protest and not cause undue damage certainly if we look at some of the other things that greenpeace has done for instance on g m a o so there's a species of genetically modified organisms called golden rice whey they have very actively been arguing that we should trash the experimental plots where we look at whether golden rice is actually a way to save up to upwards of seven hundred thousand kids from dying each year and there it seems to me that we have very clear evidence that this trashing of these sites is far outside the range of the reason the ability of making a statement as greenpeace does so yes sometimes they go outside the bounds now what about the i'll take itself it's
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a highly coveted region is it in effect being sacrificed now by the big energy jobs is it really under threat. well it's definitely a more bomb or a boy area and so we began should focus on making sure that we have good regulation in these areas and that's certainly a conversation that i think greenpeace can help promote but we should also recognize that it's often a place where there are fewer jobs less well paid jobs and there's lots of opportunity opening up here and i understand that likewise we should be more protective of the fragile arctic environment we should also recognize that there's lots of people out there who would like a job and. but the development that have happened elsewhere also come to their region and so again it's a trade off and that's the kind of conversation that we can happen in an open society where greenpeace make brand statements that people will look at and say wow also where we need to remember there are lots of other sides to this argument of
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course russia has a very strong intense interest in the arctic region but a lot of countries now involved in this greenpeace. activity we've got the likes of us australia brazil france and ukraine people from those countries who were involved in this recent incident russia is taking a very strong stance they could cause some sort of diplomatic international problem oh it seems to me that that's very likely to happen and again i can just urge you know russia to be as open as both about the evidence that being presented and why it is that they feel the sort of challenge is necessary and likewise i think we also need to recognize you know when protesters out there yes they disrupt our traffic yes they sometimes cause them extra problems but it's also part of the cost of having an open democracy and i think in some ways. and again i don't know the actual facts of this case but i think russia might actually be better off by simply
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laughing off the matter and say well you know greenpeace has made their statement now we're going to try and point out why we still want to go ahead and drill why we've taken special care to make sure we deal with the fragile arctic but why it's also important that we open up for more economic development here both an ecologist bill on bug thanks very much for an interesting tale folks on that thanks for joining us live and i'll take. a new u.n. report says torture and ill treatment often leading to death is widespread in libyan jails an estimated eight thousand prisoners are held behind bars without trial on suspicion of having fought for our stood leader moammar gadhafi now the report also says that torture is most common straight after arrest or during the first days of interrogation in order to extract confessions in some cases armed groups freely admitted and tried to justify the physical abuse of detainees at the u.n. fears that if firm action is not taken then there's a danger torture will become institutionalized across the new libya well british
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political activist john rees thinks the ghosts of the nato led intervention of the reason for what's happening there. the truth of the matter is that the western intervention in libya destroyed any process or organic transfer of power from the gadhafi regime to the to the opposition if you come to power. under the age of a nato air bombardment you aren't necessarily going to have the populace it's legitimacy that is necessary to be able to find a stable government to just administration and that's the enough is now the legacy which the west into the intervention is because he used the libyan people late bequeath it to the state which doesn't have a popular legitimacy which is challenged on all sides by militias which is breaking apart which is the supermarket and the which many of the jails are actually not run by fact your state controller told. me back when used the morphine just half an hour from now let me tell my special report on the events that shocked russia two
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decades ago. ninety three. is the united states an exceptional country the indispensable nation proponents of this idea claim the u.s. is a force for good in the world and has the right even an obligation to act unilaterally when necessary critics charge american exceptionalism is dangerous to the us and the world as well as a cover for global domination and empire. i think. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and across a semi-colon we've been a hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once it's all just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem you're trying to fix rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america by bill ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. the white house says muscovites no it is the building at the very heart of the city. it's now the headquarters of the russian government but was once home to the supremes soviet of russia the main legislative body in the country.
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hundred ninety three russia was on the brink of civil war with. the other. two days of street fighting left hundreds dead and injured. not far from the supreme soviet building. often comes to visit her son's grave. was only seventeen when he died in the turmoil of october ninety ninety three the official record says he was killed by multiple bullet injuries. i asked the prosecutor's office for my son's clothes to see where he was wounded they didn't
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give them to me and destroyed them before the investigation was completed. college student said it was a supporter of neither the president nor the legislative assembly he simply went to the white house with a friend to see what was going on on the eve of his death. with his mother. he said why don't you vote for the author why is it that you vote for father instead of him this is i want to vote for myself so that's why i'm going there to find out who was right and who was wrong i want to decide my country's fate but i. would never see the final moments of confrontation between russia's parliament president. yeltsin who controls tanks divisions would give the order to fire directly at the parliament building which pounding the offices of the supreme soviet chairman and the vice president.


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